A Glorious, Hope Inspiring Day

21 Apr
Will is now working as a clerk  for Iron Clad.

Will is now working as a clerk for Iron Clad.

Summit, NJ
March 30, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell, New Providence, NJ

My dear Ruth:

Unfortunately, your cousin Tom’s lunch hour and mine are at the same time, while
he is eating, I am too and for that reason did not see him yesterday although I went to his
office twice between twelve and one. Today I went before twelve and succeeded in
catching him in.

Austin, he tells me, is getting on nicely; just about as well as the disease ever
permits. The fever seems to have run its course and now it is only a question of time when
he will be as good as ever. Mr Tom Myrick says Austin does not quite understand why they
should keep him shut up and why his father never comes in to see him. Tom said that on
Sunday he sat at the closed door and read him several stories. Besides being interested in
the stories, Austin enjoyed the unusual circumstances attending the reading of them, and
thought it a very nice game. 

I write this to acquaint you with Austin’s condition and cannot take time at present to
indulge in other subjects, however much I should like to. Isn’t this a glorious, hope
inspiring day? Ruth I hope you are not so busy today but that you can drop all work and go
out and enjoy it. I spent half an hour eating and the other half walking around in the spring
sunshine. It seemed to so fill me with life that I felt like running, jumping and all other
manner of gymnastics at the same time. I even took the liberty of thinking what a nice day
this would be for a ramble in the woods, or a long tramp over favorite roads with you Dear,
but just now such thoughts have to be subdued.

I hope that soreness in your throat has disappeared and that your health is in harmony with the
weather we have had all week. If all goes well I will make you a flying visit on Wednesday
evening and until then shall bid you an affectionate good bye.

With love.


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