Not Much to Write About

17 Apr
Second Proof

Second Proof

Summit, NJ
March 17, 1897

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell, % Mr James Myrick, 279 Gates Ave, Brooklyn, New York

My dear Ruth:

It is now about 2:00 P M and while there is not much to do I’m going to steal a few
minutes of the company’s time to have a few words with you. It was my intention to have
written last night, but circumstances combined to prevent: i.e., I had to go on an errand to
Summit and it was too late to write you a nice letter when I returned.

However, there is not much to write about. Nothing has happened in my narrow
sphere since Sunday night, that would be at all interesting to you, and although I could
easily fill these pages with something or other, if I were home, my surroundings at present
do not furnish the inspiration.

You have been favored with good weather so far, for your visit, and I only hope it
will keep up, so that nothing will interfere with the entire pleasure of your city excursion. 

I received my picture proofs last night, but although they are undeniably like me,
nobody at home seems to think them good pictures. One of them I have discarded, the
other two I submit to you. It would have been better, had I arranged my hair, instead of
rushing in, pulling off my hat and having it over as soon as possible. One of the proofs
remind me of the picture taken on your piaza when I was in a fighting attitude, while the
other is almost too sanctimonious in contrast. Either would be a perfect means of ridding
an attic of rats, or in the case of your home, one in your room, an incentive to nightmares.
You are to be the judge, Ruth; which ever one you say I shall have printed, or
neither, if you wish it.

I enclose the two proofs and you may as well keep them until I see you, which I
hope to on Saturday next.

Kindly remember me to Austin, if you see him. Ask if he remembers Misser Gray.
I will have to stop now, as some thing is awaiting my attention.

Take good care of your self, my Love, and accept my most sincere wishes for your
perfect health and enjoyment.

Ever your


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