Sound Money Parade

07 Apr
Sound Money Parade in support of electing McKinley for President

Sound Money Parade in support of electing McKinley for President

Summit, NJ
Oct 28, 1896

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell

Dearest Ruth:

This has been such a long tiresome day that I must do something to redeem it and
can think of no more fitting way than by writing a few short lines to you.

I still have uppermost in mind that cold of yours and am wondering if it has left you. I
sincerely hope it has. Colds are very peculiar things and what they need is gentle careful
treatment, which if you give yours I’m sure it won’t stay with you long. Perhaps, Ruth, my
over exercise of caution is wearisome to you, but I cannot help asking you to be very very
careful about yourself. If you could only appreciate your own value as I see it my word of
caution would be wholly unnecessary, but it is always the way with one like you, whose
many virtues are surmounted with so much modesty that in the consideration of the welfare
of others you are prone to forget yourself.

I have not been so busy this week as I thought I would. The man who arranged to
go on his vacation this week and whose work I have to do, for some reason or other
postponed his trip until Friday, so that I have yet a few more days of grace.

I have some more good news. The Fall River Line has decided to close all day
Saturday, but that does not mean a holiday for me for I have decided to enter their ranks
with the Railroad and Steamship men in parade on that day. I do not know how much of
the day will be consumed by this. We are, I believe, to form at the Battery and march to
59th Street, which I believe allowing for the usual hitches, will take about 4 hours. There
are to be about 25,000 men ahead of us, and as it is estimated that 100,000 will parade we
have a good chance of finishing early.  

Which ever way it happens I want to spend some of the afternoon and evening with
you, or perhaps you would like to go in and view the parade and then we might meet and
spend the evening in search of metropolitan amusement what ever or where ever you
might suggest. As that is to be a great day in the history of our country, we must also try to
make it one of some pleasure for ourselves. What do you say?

I will in all probability see you Thursday night “for a little while,” when we might talk
further on this matter. New Providence or New York, if you are near me I will be happy.
I guess I had better cease to bother you further to-night.

This short conversation with you has put me in such a frame of mind that I can now
retire and sleep peacefully, perhaps not unmingled with some very sweet dreams of you.

Good night my own, my Ruth, and be ever so good to yourself for the sake of

Yours lovingly


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