26 Mar
State Normal School

State Normal School

New Providence, NJ
Oct 22, 1894

From: William A Gray
To: Ruth Barrell, State Normal School, Trenton, NJ

Dear Ruth:

I am the honored recipient of your letter of the 19th and I wish to dispel right here
any ideas you entertain about your letter being uninteresting; to prove the contrary, I read
it over quickly, and coming suddenly upon the end, reread it to make sure I hadn’t missed
a word.

The weather today is decidedly in contrast with that of last Friday, the day on which
you wrote and indeed I do not blame you for taking liberties so earnestly prompted by the
pleasantness of the day. Your walk to the station must certainly have been pleasant and
beneficial, rather than anything else and I would strongly advise a repetition of the
medicine as often as opportunity afforded.

Yesterday was an agreeable one here in every way but the weather. I surprised
myself and everybody else by going to church, together with Ed, Dave and Walter. The
attendance was about as large as I have ever seen it, although just about 50 miles from
being complete. I met Miss Bessie Runyon there and also today, in Summit. She remarked
how strange and unreal it seemed to visit here without seeing you.  

It must be a glorious anticipation for you; that of Thanksgiving Day. To be yourself
instrumental, in the formation of a happy reunion, to meet a brother after an interval of two
years, to be home, what a long list of pleasantness in store for you, if I were only
competent to enumerate them all.

No, Ruth, I haven’t gotten the “old boots” quite on yet; perhaps I only have one of
them on. No the responsibility does not devolve entirely upon me either, but I am awaiting
orders from near quarters, and when they come I hope to be prepared.

I wasn’t fortunate enough to get down to your home when I mentioned in my last
letter. A not very severe, but disabling cold intervening, from which I am happy to say, I am
about recovered, for I do detest colds. So you see my skill at cribbage remains as you
remember it and I would still fall easy prey, before you.

Doubtless you do a good deal of just such “wandering” as you specify, and it is
certainly wandering in extremely happy places and you surely are a privileged character to
have such an agreeable subject for your wanderings.

If I could think of anything else to write I’d write it, but I can’t, so as it is nearly 10
o’clock and time for you to retire, I will do likewise. So wishing you the most pleasant of
dreams and the very best of health, I will say goodnight.


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